Light is the opposite of darkness.
(Yes, I know you know, but bear with me!)

In the beginning,
when God created the heavens and the earth,
there was darkness until God said:
“Let there be light”
and then there was light. (Gen. 1:3)

God saw that the light was good
and He separated the light from the darkness.
It sounds so simple when you read it but it’s actually so awesome.

Light dispels darkness.
Darkness helps us to appreciate light.
But darkness cannot swallow light.

God gave both to us here on earth.
And while we are here on earth, we will experience both –
in all their different forms whether physically, emotionally or spiritually.
We need to learn to appreciate both, because both have a purpose.

Darkness and light also come in a big variety of shades.
How we look at them determines how we feel about them.
Just think of sunlight and shadow:
In summer, after being in the scorching sun, shade is a blessed relief.
In winter, shade can be chilling to the bone.
But when we move into a sheltered sunny spot,
the warmth is utter bliss.

It is how we see something that makes all the difference.
We can see something as a catastrophe or as God’s sovereign hand
directing events for our good.
We may even know in our hearts and minds that God is directing the course of events,
but sometimes our glasses need some adjustment
or just a good old clean so we can see clearly.

In my previous post I wrote that my shoulder replacement surgery
(hemiarthroplasty) had been postponed by a month to 12 March
(and about the effect that had on me!).
Well, after some “adjustment of glasses”, I did what I had to do.
I obtained medical aid authorisation for the 6 procedure codes.
I signed the consent forms.
I did the hospital pre admission.
I visited the physician for a once over to see if my body is “fit” for the operation.
I made an appointment to see the physiotherapist for a pre op visit.

And then…
(as Emma would have said with great emphasis, with her special
inflection and the long drawn out e) – and then…
Everything changed!
First the operation was brought forward by a week.
(Not by me – I am not the world’s greatest seeker, or lover, of change!)
This meant that the consent forms had to be re-signed.
The date for the medical authorisation had to be changed.
The hospital and the physician had to be informed of the new date.
Fortunately my pre op visit with the physio was the next day and I could
tell him in person.

I must admit that in that time there were occasions when I felt like a
petrified rabbit in the light of oncoming traffic.
Definitely one kind of light I don’t like.
But I learned to turn my eyes away from that blinding glare and
rather focus on the Light of the world who holds my life in His hands.

And then, believe it or not
The physio had to go for a major operation himself and
I was referred to another physiotherapist.
Another change.

And then, yes really
The surgeon recommended another (third) physiotherapist!
We met her yesterday for a pre op visit and both Derek and I are happy.
She is thorough and friendly and she communicates well.
And we’re looking forward to building a good relationship in the many months
of physio and rehab that lie ahead.

Again – God’s grace and sovereign directing at work in our lives.
He is still – always has been – always will be – in control.

Thus, my shoulder replacement surgery is now on Thursday 5 March 2015.
I go into hospital tomorrow afternoon. My surgeon prefers that I settle in and be peaceful on the morning and not have to rush in and be admitted then only.
I covet your prayers for all aspects of the surgery, recovery and rehab.

A final thought on sunshine and shadow.
I was looking in a pile of stuff on my desk and discovered a little card that says:
“Keep you face turned to the sunshine and you will not see the shadows”.
I want to rephrase that to:
“Keep your focus on the Son and He will take care of the shadows”.

A final thought on light.
In Revelation 21 and 22 we read that in the new heaven and earth there
will be no night. No darkness.
Only light. And the LORD God will be our light.
We will live in eternal light and we will see our God face to face.
There will be no more pain, no more sorrow, no more tears.
And we’ll sing praises to Him forever – Endless Hallelujahs!

For now, I say with Paul:
“For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain” (Phil 1:21)
And my hearts cry is “Come Lord Jesus, come” (Rev. 22:20)